Thrusting Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild 🔥

Published August 24, 2022 tag category
Thrusting Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild 🔥

Pleasing a Woman Properly

Pleasing his woman is a man’s mission. However, if the man has come unprepared for such a job, he would find himself in a quagmire of confusion. Women are an interesting lot but they are also hard to please. A man must think of unique and interesting ways to please his woman, or else, she will find someone else who can. This applies not only to the antics a man must do to please a woman outside the privacy of the bedroom, but as well as in the actual performance within the privacy of the bedroom too.

Sex and Power

Successful, powerful people, namely politicians, celebrities and sports stars, usually need to take more risks than the average citizen. The qualities that make them good at what they do, including confidence, charm and charisma, and high risk-taking personalities, also increase their likelihood for infidelity. Often, instead of caring for themselves by slowing down and attending to their emotional needs, powerful people may become maladjusted and engage in temporary, superficially satisfying practices as a means for entertainment, stimulation or stress release.

What to Say to a Naked Man

Ever been in a position where you have a naked man in front of you and find yourself lost for words? Here are some tips and tricks that can get that awkwardness out of the air and you can have some fun instead.

The Best Female Pleasure Points

Nowadays, men and women alike are finding other body parts which have been overlooked before, to be pleasure-giving when stimulated correctly. Here are some female pleasure points to boost her libido and help you get on the road to giving her an explosive orgasm.

How to Give the Best Blow Job

Do you know how to give a blow job to your man? When I say blow job, it’s just not mere licking and taking a penis into your mouth. What I mean here is doing it to your man and making him feel satisfaction like never before through a mind-shattering orgasm.

Spooning in the Sack: Having Their Back

Here is a quick guide for how to spoon, why we do it, and of course spoon sex. The added pleasure of spooning can be comforting, sexual and enjoyable. It really pulls two people that much closer together.

Tips For Hotter Sex

Making sex hotter can easily be achieved if you have a mission in mind, and know how to get there. Here are some tips and tricks for hotter sex.