Your Turn

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Your Turn

It was Lauren's 18th Birthday, and our basketball team was throwing a sleepover to celebrate. We were holding it at my house because my aunt was the coach of the team. Lauren had been our star player since her sophmore year, and our coach wanted to do something special for her. I wasn't technically on the team, it was more of a watergirl job, but i still had bragging rights to getting to spend my saturday night with some of our school's most popular girls. It was June, so was well over, but I still liked being able to keep up with everyone from the basketball team.

The pizzas had just arrived, and everyone was chowing dowm, when i noticed Lauren staring my way. Now, I guess I should go ahead and tell you, i've known I was a lesbian for about two years, and almost everyone had heard about it, except my parents. I'd had two serious relationships with girls, and I actually have never slept with a guy. Lauren, on the other hand,was the type of girl who you could talk to about anything. Never in a million years did i expect for what happened next to take place in my wildest dreams.

Now, once things had settled down, our coach congratulated us on a great year, and went home so we could have the house ot ourselves. We were all sitting around in the living room when Lauren approached me. " Hey Kaylee!" she shouted. We talked for a long while about how excited we were to graduate, and what we were going to do with life. Lauren was about 5'8, with hair, about a C cup, and had the most beautifl green eyes i had ever seen in my entire life. I couldn't help but imagine what was underneath her gray shorts and white tank top.

We sat in the living room for awhile just talking, and before we knew it, all the other girls were asleep. We sort of giggled to ourselves, and just stared through the clear glass window that was at the top of the room. When all of the sudden, i felt a hand on my leg, slowly moving upward. I looked real forced anal against her will over at Lauren, as beautiful as the morning sun, and kissed her. It wasn't long until our tongues were dancing in each other's mouths like the sugar plum fairy. I slowly leaned over, straddling her beautiful body.

We laid down in the floor, when i decided it would be better if we moved to my room, where we could have more privacy. Something didn't feel right about having sex with the star basketball player in front of 20 other innocent girls.

We walked into my room, before i could turn on my lamp, i felt a push, as Lauren practically ripped off my clothes, we started to make-out again. I began kissing her neck, as i ran my fingers slowly around her back, under her shirt and unhooked her pick lace bra. " Don't you want it all?" Lauren said as she threw her shirt over her head. I began massaging her breasts up and down, squeezing their soft fleshiness. I worked my way down, and began sucking on her beautiful, pink, puffy nipples. I kissed her stomach, and ran my hands down her pants and realized - she wasn't wearing . I removed her shorts and began licking the outer walls of her vagina. I quickly moved my way to the clitterus and she began to softly moan. Lauren sat up and pushed my head deeper into her as my tounge began moving faster and faster. Lauren's warm cum went into my mouth and i began to swallow it.

Lauren sat up and lifted my chin, she kissed me and then pulled my on top of her, while i sat on top her her, fully clothed, and strattled, she began to unhook my black see-through bra. I felt her take off my t-shirt, while i started to finger her, she let out the most wonterful moan i had ever heard, and she pulled my hand to hers. "your turn" she softly whispered.

Her hand went into my shorts, and before I knew it, my was lying on the floor, and all i could feel was Lauren's tounge moving in and out. I cummed twice, and she swallowed. While she moved up and grabbed my breasts, she began to lick them around the nipples, and it felt xnxxv sunny leone video so good, i had to let out a sigh. Her body lay on top of mine, in a straddling position, as i felt her body start to move up and down, I was very aroused by this. I shouted "ohhh yes!" and she began to go faster,as she slowed down, I pulled her to me and whispered "was this your with a girl?" as she just smiled in reply.