Satisfied client

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Satisfied client

I still remember my /first-time/">first time with a shemale. It was a tall thin /blonde/">blonde that came into the office of our law company one day. I knew she was an attorney of one of our clients and I thought her boss, and my friend, sent her to express gratitude for the very good deal we helped him to close.

As I stood up from my chair to welcome her she pushed me down back into my chair and came around while opening her trench coat. There was nothing on underneath the trench coat but there was some equipment that I was not accustomed to, a cock! I knew her before but I had no idea she was a shemale! 

She straddled my lap, unbuttoned my shirt and pushed her /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock between our stomachs. After rubbing her shaft against me and sucking my tongue, she lifted up and took my cock and positioned it to her ass’ She sat down on my shaft and began rocking back and forth. I could feel her dick and the precum on my stomach while her titties were mashed into my chest. What a feeling, titties rubbing my chest and a cock slapping my stomach. I loved it ’ that was what I always dreamed of, but too chicken to go out and look.

She continued bouncing and rocking until she melted and went limp. I took over from there; I got up and bent her over my desk. I rammed my cock up her ass and grabbed her schlong as well. I milked her cock as I slide my shaft in and out of her ass. I couldn’t last very long and couldn’t control it but I squirted my cum into her ass while she was hollering for more. 

She fell onto the desk and I fell back into my chair. We rested up a minute and she said now suck me will you please’ I bent down in a subservient position and took her long shemale rod in my mouth. Sucking a cock for the first time was a great experience. I could taste cum and wondered what it would feel like for her to cream in my mouth. Would I gag, throw up or enjoy the wwwxxx the hell out of it. I sucked and licked and now in again I would gently run my teeth over the wwwxxx head of her cock. She began shivering and cum began shooting into my mouth. This was not too /bad/">bad I thought as it shot to the back of my throat. I actually liked this and drank every drop of her /sweet/">sweet shemale wad!

This was indeed the best gift that I could ever dream of getting from our satisfied client.