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Day 1 10:50p.m. (school) Tuesday
Rrrriiiinnnnnggggg!!!! The school bell rung for first lunch and I grabbed my books and left my Calculus class and headed downstairs to my locker and for my lunch. 
’LaJoria!’ a familiar voice yelled up from behind. I turned around to find Tyrell Isaiah Jordan b.k.a. Black a.k.a. Rell, the school’s finest line backer. I turned around. 
’Sup Black?’
’I haven’t talked to you in a long time.’ 
’Yeah I know, and we’ve been going to this school together for I what’don’t know’ three years now.’ I shook my head and he laughed it off. 
’How you’ve been?’
’Fine thank you!’ Silence.
’Ok, well what chu doin’ Friday?’ 
’I don’t have any plans if that’s what you wanted to know’ I replied and cocked my head to the side and hugged my books tight to my chest to hid my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. Damn that boy could turn you on just by laying those gray on you. 
’Yeah well uh, I thought that you would come to the game and watch me play.’ ’Then,’ he continued, ’we could maybe hook up after the game or sumpt’n, sumpt’n.’ 

I looked deep in his gray eyes and was mesmerized. 
’Huh?’ I stumbled. 
’Uh, the game Friday and sumpt’n after?’ 
’Oh, yeah, sure I’ll be there, fa sho.’ I smiled and he returned one with those pretty, straight, white teeth. 
’Alright then I’ll see you there then.’ he said, winked at me, and ran off for his locker. 

I stood there with my mouth open, and watched him as he swiftly walked off and put his books in his locker, and rammed his muscular chest into and bunch his teammates. Black has a dark even complexion. Stands about 6’3’ and weighs in at a sensational 270lbs of hunk-a-hunk-a burnin’ love. I had to catch the drool that formed at the corner of my mouth before it rolled down my face. 

Black and I grew up in the same neighborhood that is until he bokep sma pecah perawan moved away when he went to middle school. I met him when he was in first while I was in kindergarten. I never really noticed him looking that fine while we were in grade school. He was a fat, sweaty, little black boy with thick wavy hair. You couldn’t really see his gray eyes cause his cheeks was so fat. Although he was very popular with the guys, he wasn’t popular with the girls at all. 

One time this boy named Paul the Bull, that was in his forth grade class, was bothering me. Me and my third grade big mouth promised that I would kick his ass after school if he didn’t leave me alone. When he called me a bow legged bitch it was on then. I hated the fact that I was bow legged and pidgin toed. I guess it got back to Black about the fight after school and he came to watch. After school Bull and I stood face to face. I swing my little fist at Paul the Bull and got a good two or three hits in before he grabbed hold of me. He grabbed me by the head and put me in a choke hold. The pressure builed in my head made me pass out. All I remember after I passed out was that when I came to, Black was standin’ over Bull kicking the shit out of him . He then turned to me, helped me up and walked me home. Of course he tried to play the daddy role and tell me how I shouldn’t have done no shit like that. old waman xxxgx What ever! 

When he was were in fifth grade, me, Sarita, LaVarius, Black , Antwon, and my other two friends named LaTonya and Jalisa , we’d play a game called catch a girl, get a girl. Sarita and LaTonya were the ones always being caught and got with. The boys’ll finger there little snatchs until she came unto submission. They didn’t catch me too often cause I was too fast for them. 

Then we played truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat. Black always took double dare being all macho and shit. One time Jalisa double dared Black to kiss me on the titty. At first he just sat there and looked at me, but, all of a sudden he smiled and crawled over to me. He raised up my shirt and kissed my budding breasts. Of course I didn’t have on a bra ’cause I didn’t have much tits to cover. His lips surrounded my nipple and sucked to make the smacking sound of a kiss. It made my pussy tingle. After that was over we’d go over to Sarita’s house cause her daddy was rarely ever home. She would break out this bottle and the boys have to spin it first. Whomever the bottle top points to when it stopped then they were to go into the closet and do something to tell about. 

My first and last closet romp was with Black . In the closet he put his hands down in the back of my pants and grabbed my naked ass then he showed me his little pecker. Although he moved from down the street to the next town after fifth grade, we still managed to go to the same middle and high school together. 

First Lunch 10:50 a.m.
All through lunch all I could think of was Black. How handsome he had become and how he had me so mesmerized. Mrs. LaJoria Monique Jordan-Richardson has a nice ring to it. My mind began to dream of loosing my virginity to him. Will it hurt, will it feel good, is he big or’.
’Sup Jori,’ Sarita said and slapped me on the shoulder blade, as she placed her lunch tray next to mine. Damn why’d she interrupt me, I had a good thing going.

Sarita Shipmen was a thick, with a deep carmel complexion. She weighed about 190lbs and stood around 5’11’. She was way taller and heavier than I was. Her top half was of a small frame but the bottom half was fat. Round hips and a shapely ass that rose and fell when she walked. Never once thought I would be looking’ at another girls ass, but, with that /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass you can’t help but to look at it bounce. 

Me, I am a mere 147lbs, 5’6’’, /ass/nice-ass/nice-round-ass/">nice round ass and hips (if I should say so myself) and thick muscular legs and calf from running track every other day after school for Mr. Hogginsbay. Sarita’s 34B bra size paled in comparison to my 36C. 
’Wasssup Sarita?’ 
’Nothing girl I got the bomb ass plan fa Friday, you down?’ 
’Well Sarita, Black did ask me to the football game that day, can we do it another time?’ ’It’s all good’ she groaned ’it’s all good’. ’Aaawwwwhhhh shit girl, what’s the dilly yo with you and ole’ Black huh?’ She stuffing a French fry into her mouth. 
’Nothin’, girl he just asked me to come see him play and grab a burger after the game that’s all.’ 

’Girl you know what that means,’ 
’Don’t play dumb with me, play it with him girl, cause you know he want that.’ 
’Want what?’ I questioned already knowing her reply. 
’That’ she said pointing to my crouch. 
’Look now, don’t get mad but unlike you, every time someone asks me out don’t mean that they want pussy.’ I fired, rollin’ my head and eyes at her. 
’Aahh Bitch don’t get fresh, I was just warnin’ yo’ dumb ass, cause you know he got a girlfriend name Ronda and they, from what I hear, have sex every night.’ 
’Damn girl why you dissin’ ole boy like that, and anyway so what, he just asked me to a football game not my hand in holy matrimony! Anyway why you tellin’ me this?’ 
’I don’t reveal my sources, but any who just be careful,’ she warned and stuffed two more fries into her mouth.