Ryans adventures

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Ryans adventures

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Ryan sat in the French room and the /teacher/">teacher stood up and wrote something on the board. He wasn?t paying, as usual; he never focused on the lesson. He always watched the teacher?s /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass. 
?Ryan? she said ?What?s the matter?? she asked.
?Nothing, miss.? he replied.
?Well pay attention then? she said
?Yes, miss?
?In fact you can stay after high school, to catch up.? she said, smiling.
?Yes, miss? she turned back to the board, but dropped the pen. She bent down and Ryan looked up her short, short skirt. ?Nice? he thought ?Leopard thong? he could now feel himself hardening. He turned and focused on what his girlfriend was saying.
?You were supposed to be taking me out tonight.? she whined.
?Hello!? shouted the teacher. ?Ryan and Megan. Don?t talk.?
?Sorry miss.? they said in unison. They both turned and concentrated on the lesson. Halfway through the lesson Ryan?s had strayed up Megan?s leg, she groaned softly as he started unzipping her trousers. He stuck his hand down between Megan?s pussy and her Kitty g-string. She shuffled uncomfortably.

?Stop it, not now.? She whispered, as he started to pinch her now /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit. He sighed and pulled out his hand out. During the rest of the day, they had Technology, in which they sat next to each other again and Megan dropped her pen deliberately, she pulled Ryan?s trousers down to just above his knees and put his large /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in her mouth. Ryan was so hard that he came within a matter of minutes, she lapped up the cum and sat down again.

At the end of the day Ryan kissed Megan ?goodbye? and ?see ya tomorrow? and he made his way towards the French room. Miss Hamilton was sitting at her desk and looked up as he came in.
?Sit.? she said, pointing to a chair at a desk. He did. She came and sat down on the desk beside him. ?Now, why weren?t you paying attention during class to day?? she asked. Ryan looked at the patch of bare ass where her skirt was folded under her. He sighed and looked her in the eye.
?The reason is that I?m mad about you? what could he do? He had no where to go. She nodded.
?And I?m mad about you.? she said. He swallowed and they moved in closer. They kissed for a long time and ran each others hands through their hair. Miss Hamilton broke away and sat back on the desk and pulled her skirt up. ?Lick me or I?ll spank you.?

?Finger yourself first or I?ll leave.? Ryan said. She looked at him and slowly moved her finger under her thong and Ryan saw a wet patch appear almost immediately. He pulled at her corset and hooked out a tit, he suckled a nipple. She groaned and he bit her nipple. ?Oh my god, yesssssssss!? then he pulled her finger out, licked it and stuck in his tongue. She shuffled and stuffed her middle finger up her ass. ?YESSSSSSS!? she screamed. Then Ryan pulled down his trousers and boxers. He approached her pussy when she stopped him. ?No. I want it up here? and she pulled her finger out of her ass and licked it. He stood on the desk and she lunged at him. She greedily gobbled him up in her mouth and nibbled on his shaft. 

?Ow? he said as she bit him hard. He pulled him self out and violently turned her over he pulled at her skirt and started to spank her, very, very aggressively. She groaned with both pain and pleasure. He then started to pull down her thong and suck on its wetness, when he finished he, without giving Miss Hamilton any warning launched his cock into her asshole. She screamed and he spanked her again. ?Shut up bitch? he said and thrust into her again, soon she got into the violent swing and started humping back.

?Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me!? she shouted. Very soon they were in the ?69? position. Miss Hamilton had pulled out a vibrator and Ryan used it in her ass, he turned it on and laid back while she cummed. She also lay back beside him and gave him a hand job whiled they kissed; Ryan stroked the small triangle of hair above her clit. She moaned and Ryan came. He pulled out the handcuffs from her bag and put them on her wrists. He turned her over and began to spank her. At one point she screamed with pleasure and came again on the table. Ryan got so pissed off then that he made her lick it up. She reluctantly licked up her contents and Ryan tied her legs to the table. Then he found a piece of cloth and tied it round her mouth, she screamed for him to fuck her but he didn?t. He went over to the cupboard and came out with three clothes pegs. He clipped one to each nipple, and the other to her very hard clit. He went and put on an X-rated film and put the TV in front of her. She screamed for him to take off the pegs but he just stood over her and started wanking. She just couldn?t help but watch the beautiful blonde get fucked on the screen. Soon it switched to two young girls in school uniform that was the same as thehigh school that Ryan went to. She recognised them as two girls in her French class. Megan and Helen. They kissed on a bed and then started to lift each others skirts and fondled each others breasts soon they were kissing aggressively and Megan broke away, she cupped Ellie?s tits in both hands and jammed her face onto her nipples, Miss Hamilton now stared up at Ryan as he began to clench his dick so that the cum oozed out slowly and he positioned himself over Miss Hamilton?s face. It dripped onto her forehead and she rolled her eyes back into her head he knelt down and rubbed the cum around her face with the head of his dick. Then he took out the gag and she shouted at him to release her, he shut her up by putting his dick in her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked his dick. They both got tired and soon they resorted to the classic missionary position. He inserted his large swelling cock into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy, he had taken off the pegs and Miss Hamilton?s clit was sticking out more than a centimetre. She came while he was halfway there. When he came she had passed out. He turned back to the TV and set up the video back to Megan and Ellie. While he watched he wanked. She stirred a couple of times, but stayed asleep. When he came again he spurted it over her chest, got dressed and walked out. He looked at his watch, only five thirty. Good timing. He still had time to pick up Megan.

She sat on her bed when the door bell went off. She pulled her night clothes on over her blue panties; she never wore a bra to bed. Her mum called up the stairs.
?Megan!? she shouted ?Ryan?s here!? Megan ran down the stairs and kissed Ryan on the door step.
?How did you get here so early?? she asked. ?Detentions don?t finish until 6 o?clock?
?I got special treatment? he said and held up his skate board.
?It?s too late to go out now.? she said and Ryan sighed ?But you can come in for a while, if you like? Ryan smiled.
?Really?? he asked ?O.K? He stepped through the door leaving his skateboard out side the door. He slid his trainers off. He walked through and greeted her parents. As she went upstairs she pulled off the trousers of her night clothes. He followed her upstairs and as she walked into her bedroom he grabbed her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass and spun her around against the closed door, he leaned in and kissed her, gripping her tight, firm ass.

?What was that for?? she asked when he finished. He shrugged
?I don?t know.? he said. She looked into his eyes and smiled.
?I?m horny? she said and cupped her breasts in his hands. It took Ryan a little time to realise what she had said.
?Okay? he said and followed her to the bed. She lay down and he stood and relaxed. She always put on a show for him. She put a hand against her crotch and rubbed. She groaned and her eyes rolled back into her skull. She moaned, rather loudly. ?Hey keep it down? she stopped and snogged him passionately.
?It doesn?t matter? she said ?My parents don?t care. As long as you use a condom.?
?Nah? don?t worry, if I?m gonna cum you can swallow it.? he said
?Oh yeah? Says who?? she said and snogged him again.
?You know what?? Ryan said when they came up for air. ?We should tell some stories.? she looked at him and laughed.
?Well that makes a change.? she said and Ryan lay down beside her.
?What?? he asked
?You never wanna tell stories? she said looking at him
?That detention has knocked all my energy away? he said reflecting on what had happened with Miss Hamilton. ?okay I wanna hear a story?
?I wanna hear about the time you lost your virginity? said Ryan.
?Oh come on!? she said smiling; Ryan laughed ?you were there!?
?Come on? Ryan gasped, because he couldn?t stop laughing at Megan?s red face.
?Okay. It was your first week here. You walked in and sat down at desk. I followed in behind my friends. We sat down and I couldn?t help noticing you, looking for the entire world like a lost lamb.? she laughed, Ryan scowled ?And I pointed you out to my friends and they all had a laugh, but then Amy said that you looked /cute/">cute, everybody eventually agreed. As the day went on I stole glances at you. Then during P.E Amy was missing for quite a while. That?s when she lost her virginity. I was jealous, we all wanted you but Amy was the first to have you. We all kept talking about you and you perfect arse.?
?You noticed? Ryan said and they laughed.

?Anyway at the end of school we all came round Ellie?s house and fingered ourselves and talked about you, of course, until then, Amy was the only one of us to actually have sex. And she gave us a really detailed description about it. The anal, fisting, oh god we came there and then! After that we looked you up on the web. Nothing much really, but then we found a lesbian website and downloaded some movies and tried it ourselves a bit of nibbling and cunt rubbing. After that we went into the bathroom room and shaved each other, we each got our own little furry designs on our cunts now. Anyway, school term finished for that year and we were all planning a trip to go down to Cornwall and stay in that motel for the week. We invited you. At the time you were going out with Ellie, and I was going out with Mat. He was a bit rough and didn?t like it, so we had never had sex. You and Ellie had, she liked it rough and you weren?t fussy. Anyway we were at the restaurant or nightclub part of the motel. And Ellie and Mat got off with each other, this was the first night. They went off to Mat and my room and we went back to yours. You gave me a cold Coke and I sat down feeling like such a slut in my small top, no bra, girlie pink panties with the pussycats on them and tight jeans. You sat down next to me on the sofa and turned on the TV. So we heard moaning and groaning sounds from Ellie and Mat. We had all gone off with somebody; Amy and Nikki, who preferred a woman?s touch, Mat and Ellie, me and you and Charlotte and Alex. Soon we got very horny and I was shy, because we had never really spoken to each other. Soon the shower in Mats room started and banging came through room Amy and Nikki?s room. Then I, without realising it was rubbing my pussy! as soon as I noticed I stopped, but wasn?t sure if you had seen or not.?

?Guilty? said Ryan, she playfully hit him on the arm and he started /tickling/">tickling her. She grabbed a pillow and sat on him, her pussy against his dick. She hit him with the pillow a few times then carried on telling him the story.
?Soon you got annoyed and started banging on the wall. you said ?sorry about this? to me, the first real thing you ever said to me. In your deep, manly voice.?
?Thank you very much? said Ryan imitating Elvis Presley.
?Soon we got hot because the heating wasn?t working. And you took off your shirt. I thought ?Oh my god! He?s so hot!??
?Guilty again? said Ryan, and she tickled him.
?It?s about to get good so be quiet. Anyway, you said we had better turning for the night and that you?d sleep on the sofa. you opened a window in the bedroom and in the lounge. In the night I heard some strange sounds and got /scared/">scared and asked you if you had heard them to, you had, and then I asked if you would sleep in with me. You did but not the way I meant, I slept under the covers you slept on top of them. In the night you got up and moved under ??
?And I thought you were asleep!? he said.

?Moved under the covers. I rolled over and gave you a quick kiss. You stopped and said ?Now why didn?t you ask?? I said nothing just looked at you, and then you sank under the covers and pulled down my panties and pushed up my nightdress. I looked straight up at the ceiling on my back in the dark. Then I felt amazing. You had stuck your finger in my ass, and then your tongue in my pussy. I felt so good. I?ll never forget it. When you had tasted me, you moved up porn videos download and squeezed my tits. You took off my nightdress and nibbled my nipples until they hurt without you even doing anything. Then we kissed and you put your cock in my pussy. And started humping me, it hurt and I cried but told you not to stop, because it felt so good. You nuzzled and kissed my neck. Next you lay down and I put your large shaft in my mouth. It was so big I nearly gagged on it. You made me suck it long into the night. Id didn?t object. It was so big and ready to pop. When it did there was loads of cum. We had to move into the shower where we had /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex and you complimented me about my ?fantastic arse? I think was how you put it. I new it was tight; Ellie had told me whenever we were fingering each other, or had a P.E lesson. Amy and Nikki were always pinching it because it was, and still is, very firm. They knocked on our door but we didn?t answer, we just giggled. And kept fucking.? She was now slowly moving up and down on his crotch, making him hard. ?Then we went back to bed you put your cock in my xxx ass and we went to sleep. And we?ve been doin? it ever since.? she concluded. She leaned over and kissed him.

?And I suppose you want me to take you now, huh?? Ryan said.
?Yes.? Said Megan smiling and at the same time pulling his cock out and he smiled back, pulling her panties down, sliding his shaft in her fanny she begun to start whining and groaning. When she came, Ryan glanced at his watch.
?Oh shit.? he said pulling his trouser and shorts back up. ?I gotta go? He kissed her goodbye, ran down the stairs stopping at the living room door to say goodbye to her parents and slid out the door.

As Megan walked home she envied Ryan for not having to see the end of term, and having to come back on the last day, and not having to attend school that day. She was however looking forward to his birthday in the holidays. She walked into her street and drew out her phone. She texted Amy;

Hey! Do u wnt 2 cum rnd 4 sum fun? 
We cn mk Ryn?s b?dy prznt, if u wnt.

She had a reply while she was doing her homework;

Sure! I?ll b rnd in a min!

Megan texted;

Brng Nikki.

Amy replied;

C u