Nadia came home drunk

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Nadia came home drunk

 Nadia was out with the girls enjoying the night partying and drinking with Melanie and April , I was spending the night at home watching a movie , it was late so i ended up getting into bed so i stripped off and slept naked as i usually do , i was soon asleep but was awoken later in the night as the girls got home very drunk and talking loudly.

Nadia stuck her head into my room and said hope we didnt wake you and started laughing as she walked into the room and sat down on the edge of my bed laughing and talking , she said why dont you come out and join us for a drink , my xxx sex video download free com reply was that i was naked and couldnt get out of the bed as she was in the room as she is my stepdaughter who is 26.

She smiled at me and just ran her hand under the sheet and touched my cock strocking it slowly feeling it grow hard in her hand she smiled and said mmmm he want to play , she stood up beside the bed and took her top off and her skirt standing there in her /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/very-sexy-lingerie/">very sexy lingerie mmmmm what a great sexy body she has.

She undid her bra and removed it and pulled down her panties so that she was naked beside the bed and sat down again on the edge of my bed and started playing with my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock once again , as she did so she asked if i wanted to play with her so i ran my hands over her thigh and up over her beautiful breasts and teased her nipples they were soon very erect and she leant over so that i could suck them for her as i was sucking her nipples my hand moved down between her thighs and up her leg to her beautiful shaven pussy and my fingers ran lightly over them caressing them, my fingers soon parted her pussy lips feeling how wet she was and started caressing her sexxxx video ful hd clit and inner lips.

My fingers soon pushed up inside her hot /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy and i slowly started fingering her and rubbing her clit at the same time , i slipped another finger inside her pussy and soon had 3 fingers inside her , she was moaning so loud that mel and april came in to see what was happening , at first they were shocked to see us naked and playing with each other , but they soon were both naked as well and we all got on the bed.

I was soon licking Nadias pussy for her tasting her /sweet/">sweet juices and exploring inside her pussy with my tongue as mel was stroking my cock and licking over the head of it whilst nadia was licking aprils pussy , we were all soon cumming and i came in mels mouth mmm wa awesome as she swallowed it all and having nadia cum with my tongue inside her pussy was so awesome.

I moved up the bed to kiss her and tasted Aprils cum on her mouth, as we kissed she asked me if i would fuck her as she wanted to feel me cum inside , how could i refuse such an offer it was my dream and my cock was soon very hard again at the thought of it , the other girls started playing with each other as nadia and i started playing with each other and kissing each other all over.

She soon moved round so that she was in the doggie position and my hard cock was soon pushing against her pussy slowly sliding inside her warm wet tight pussy it felt so good having my cock inside her , i slowly started pumping my cock in and out till just the head was in her lips then all the way in again by this time april had moved over and was kissing nadia and teasing her nipples and mel was teasing nadias clit with her fingers.

I could feel her hand on my cock as i pumped in and out nadia was loving it and i wasnt long before i felt her pussy muscles clamp thigh around my cock and i felt her /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum juices flood all over my cock this and her scream of pleasure made me cum and shoot my /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-her-pussy/">cum inside her pussy and she moaned again as she felt me cum inside her as i pulled my still hard cock from nadias pussy mel started licking my cum and nadias cum from my cock and april was down licking out nadias pussy , mmm what a night we had together certainly a night i will long remember .